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Hi there and welcome to Boosted Affiliate!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. As its founder, I've been involved in marketing since 2007, first interested in advertising and promotional products, then introduced to the world of ecommerce retail, SEO, and finally affiliate marketing.

In 2017, I first learned about affiliate marketing by volunteering at a conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand called the Chiang Mai SEO Conference (CMSEO). While helping attendees find their seats, I found myself becoming more and more interested in the world of SEO and how the room of 300 people (at the time) were all on that same journey. 

Some of these individuals were making millions of dollars per year helping internet searchers find the best products to meet their needs.

Needless to say, I was hooked!

Brandon Pierce

After the conference, I scrambled to learn everything I could about SEO and affiliate marketing, purchasing many courses, watching tons of YouTube videos, and taking on ecommerce clients at pennies on the dollar pay to learn as much as I could about them both. I even built out a few affiliate sites. Most of them failed.

Ultimately, what I found was that my SEO ecommerce clients were all interested in affiliate marketing as well, but selling products and services doesn't necessarily pair well with recommendations and reviews of other brands' products. Still, I saw a need to learn about affiliate programs as well. The crazy thing is, there are tons of courses out there about SEO and affiliate marketing. And while I was hesitant at first, I ended up investing thousands of dollars in all the major courses to learn as much as possible from the leaders in the space.

What did I learn? Nobody was really talking about managing affiliate programs for ecommerce clients.

So I did what any ambitious person would do, I volunteered to take on the affiliate programs of several of my ecommerce clients, hoping to learn as much as possible and eventually become a leader in the affiliate management space. This site is part of my quest to bring up better affiliate managers and to connect affiliates, managers, and brands together as part of a win-win-win community.

Affiliate Management Needs Leaders

As someone taking on everything related to building a successful affiliate program, I needed a mentor. The problem is that there aren't many leaders in affiliate management. So, like most affiliate managers out there, I stuck with trial and error. I knew that if I charged my clients very little to "play" with their affiliate programs, I could learn and eventually optimize their programs to show a respectable return on their investment.

That is what I set out to do, and while it took a few years of hard work, I managed to create all the SOPs, and learn from all the leaders I could find that seemed trustworthy. In the end, I developed my own system for getting consistent positive ROI on the campaigns I would run. I am hoping that this site will provide all of you with the golden nuggets I've learned and bring about some standardization in our industry.

What You Can Find on Boosted Affiliate

Affiliate Programs

We are constantly adding affiliate programs to our directory to help affiliates, managers, and brands connect with each other.

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As we learn about upcoming industry events, we'll add as much information as we can about them, and who they are best suited for.

Agency Partners

As we build relationships with industry players, we'll showcase our favorites and talk about why they are great.

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The Boosted Affiliate program directory aims to be the most comprehensive directory for publishers to find partner program details, contact information, requirements, and ratings, but is also a way for advertisers to showcase their programs to potential affiliates.
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